Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, Autumn 1393 
2. Extending Storage Duration of Mother Scales for Enlarging Scale Bulblets and Soluble Carbohydrates Content in Lily “Arabian Red”

Pages 7-13

Abdollah Hatamzadeh; Seyedeh-Somaye Shafiee-Masouleh; Habibollah Samizadeh; Kourosh Rad-Moghadam

3. Keeping Quality and Vase life of Carnation cv. ‘Eskimo’ as Influenced by Different Chemicals

Pages 15-20

Malik Abid Mahmood; Ahmad Sattar Khan; Naveed Ahmad; Misha Arshad

7. Salicylic Acid Alleviates the Copper Toxicity in Zinnia elegans

Pages 51-59

Maryam Afrousheh; Ali Tehranifar; Mahmud Shoor; Vahid Reza Safari