1 Graduated Student of Islamic Azad University. Scinece and Research Branch, Tehran Iran

2 Associated Prof. University of Tehran. Karaj, Iran

3 Scientific member of Soil and Water Research Center Tehran Iran


Rose (Rosa hybrida L.) is one of the mostly cultivated cut flowers in Iran and around the world. The study was carried out to increase the vase life and quality of cut rose ‘Grand Prix` and ‘Avallanche` by using various floral preservative solutions. Floral preservative solutions were AgNO3, 8-HQS, nano silver and distilled water. Treatments were compared with tap water as control. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design. The effects of applied treatments on longevity and quality of cut rose flowers were evaluated by using the percentage of opening the flower, flower diameter, the vase life and relative fresh weight. Results showed that the flowers treated with 8-HQS (250 mg l-1) +nano silver (2mg l-1) had the highest flower diameter and the percentage of opening the flower among treatments. Maximum vase life (14.33 d) of cut rose obtained with (nano silver 2mg l-1), and minimum (6.54 d) with AgNO3. The vase life of control was 5.79 d.