Increasing Shelf Life and Maintaining Quality of Mango by Postharvest Treatments and Packaging Technique


1 Scientific Officer, Postharvest Technology Section, Horticulture Research Centre (HRC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Banglades

2 Senior Scientific Officer, Postharvest Technology section, HRC, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh

3 Senior Scientific Officer, Landscape, Ornamental and Floriculture Division, HRC, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh

4 Senior Scientific Officer, Pomology Division, HRC, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh


This experiment was carried out to increase the shelf life and maintaining the quality of mango (Mangifera indica) fruits. There were two factors. Factor A: postharvest treatments with six levels (1. untreated (control), 2. washing with chlorine, 3. dipping (5 minutes) in calcium chloride (CaCl2), 4. dipping (5 minutes) in bavistin and rinse in clean water, 5. hot water treatment and 6. tap water wash) and factor B: packaging technique with five levels (1. without packaging (control), 2. perforated poly bag (0.5%), 3. non- perforated poly bag, 4. plastic crate and 5. corrugated fibre board carton). The fruits treated with chlorine wash, tap water wash, hot water treatment, dipping in calcium chloride and bavistin were significant difference on chemical parameter (total sugar content, vitamin-C, total titrable acidity and total soluble solid) of mango. Treated fruits performed less disease incidence compared to without treated fruits. Non-treated fruits were attacked by the sunken black spots on the surface of the fruits as well as anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides). In case of packaging technique, fruits packed in different packaging materials (like corrugated fibre board carton, plastic crate, perforate and non-perforated polyethylene bag) had the maximum shelf life, lower physiological loss in weight and less disease incidence than without package. Among the different packaging materials, fruits packed in corrugated fibre board carton had the maximum shelf life (13.02 days), lower physiological loss in weight (4.11%) and less disease incidence (1.12%) without excessive deterioration compared to others. The shelf life of mango could be extended up to 5 days by hot water treatment and packed in. corrugated fibre board carton compared to others. The color and quality of mango was very better in treated fruits compared to non-treated fruits.