Study on the Effect of Different Growing Media on the Growth and Yield of Gerbera(Gerbera jamesonii L.)


1 Board Member of the National Ornamental Plant Research Station (Mahallat), Iran

2 M.Sc. Student, Plant Biology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 Division of Floriculture and Landscaping, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110012


To study the effect of different substrates on growth and yield of gerbera, this experiment was carried out as randomized completely block design with 14 treatments and 3 replications. Treatments were as fallowing: fine sand, peat+fine sand (25%+75%), peat+fine sand (50%+50%), perlite+peat (75%+25%), perlite+peat (50%+50%), perlite+peat (25% +75%), perlite+peat+expanded clay (25%+70%+5%), perlite+peat+ expanded clay (50 %+25%+25%), perlite+peat+expanded clay (25%+50%+25%), perlite+expanded clay (50%+50%), cocopeat, cocopeat+ perlite (75%+25%), cocopeat+perlite (50%+50%), coco peat+perlite+ expanded clay (50%+25%+25%), plants were fertilized with a same nutrient solution. Results showed that the growing medium containing perlite+ peat+expanded clay (25%+70%+5%) was the best treatment. In this substrate, flower number, flower diameter, shoot diameter, stem neck diameter, flower height and vase life showed significant difference among growing media.