Direct Multiple Shoot Regeneration from Shoot Tip and Nodal Explants of Solanum Nigrum L. A Medicinal Herb


1 Centre for Biotechnology, Muthayammal College of Arts & Science, Rasipuram-637408, Tamil Nadu, India

2 PG Department of Botany, A.A. Government Arts College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India

3 Research Centre in Botany, V.H.N. Senthikumara Nadar College, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu India


In vitro multiple shoot regeneration of Solanum nigrum L., an Indian medicinal plant was accomplished on MS medium utilizing shoot tip and nodal explants. Direct multiple shoots differentiated within 6 weeks when explants were cultured on MS medium containing BAP (1.0-5.0 mg/l) and KIN (1.0-5.0 mg/l) individually. Among various concentrations of cytokinins tested, maximum number of multiple shoots was obtained on MS medium supplemented with BAP (1.0 mg/l) from shoot tip (20.4±0.22) and MS medium supplemented with BAP (3.0 mg/l) from nodal explants (8.4±0.22). The in vitro regenerated shoots were rooted (8.4±0.16 roots per shoot) on MS medium supplemented with NAA (1.0 mg/l) within 2-3 weeks of culture and the regenerated plantlets could be successfully established in soil where they grow normally.