The Impact of Drought Stress of the Cultivation Medium on the Growth and Postharvest Life of Lilium and Chlorophyll in Different Potassium Concentrations of Nutrient Solution


Department of Horticulture, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran


To study the effect of different concentrations of potassium in the
nutrient solution and water stress on the quality and quantity yield of Lilium LA cv.Termoli, a pot experiment was conducted based on completely randomized design in sand and perlite medium (50:50) in three levels of potassium (Kfree, 6 mM K and and 12 mM K in Hoagland solution) with three replications. In the present study, the growth indices, post-harvest life of flower and potassium and chlorophyll contents were measured in shoots. The results showed that the plant dry/fresh weight and vegetative height was highest in 6 mM potassium treatments. Lily postharvest life at 6 mM K was increased 5.7 days relative to k-free conditions. The chlorophyll a, b and total content in nutrient solution without K were lower than in nutrient solution with 6 and 12 mM potassium.