1 Department of Horticulture of Jahad Keshavarzi Lorestan, Iran

2 PH.D. Student in Hourticulte, Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Azad University Sciences, Researchers Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Horticulture of Boali Sina University of Hamadan. Iran

4 Department of Researchers of Horticulture Institute of Lorestan. Iran


This Research aimed to study on effect of foliar spraying with zinc (as zinc sulphate), nitrogen (as urea) and iron (as sulphate and chelated Fe) on growth parameters, quality of fruit, flower characteristics, chemical constituents and nutrients content of leaves on grapevine. Applied nutrients were zinc sulphate (Zn) of 0.0 and 1.5gl-1 and urea (N) at 0.0 and 5 gl-1 and Fe (1) control (low Fe), (2) Fe (III) -chelate 3mgl-1, (3) 20 g/ per tree soil application and (4) Fe sulfate (FeSO4) 3mgl-1 which were applied both alone and in combinations with each other as foliar spraying. In a pot experiment, effects of N, Zn and Fe fertilizer were evaluated on concentrations of Fe, N and Zn in leaves, yield and the fruit quality of grape (Vitis viniferea). Results showed that application of urea and Zn and Fe increased vegetative growth and length of young branch.
Highest size of berry achieved in N2=5 gl-1× Zn=1.5 mg l-1 × Fe=chelates Fe 3 mg l-1. Nitrogen (N), iron (Fe) and zink (Zn) are essential element in grape vine causes increased contain N, Zn and Fe on leaves. Also results showed N Fe had significant difference (p £ 0.05) on quality and quantity (?) characters in grape vine, Zn and Fe have no significant difference (p £ 0.05).