The Effectiveness of Whole Concentration of Homemade Herbal Distillates on the Result of Qualitative Methanol Detection by the Chromotropic Acid Method


Islamic Azad University, Rasht Branch, Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry, Rasht, Iran


The occurrence of blindness after drinking some herbaceous distillates is created some anxieties in Iran. In this study, the effectiveness of concentration of Khalvash distillate was studied on the function of the new modified suggested chromotropic acid method for qualitative detection of methanol.
For this purpose, three samples of Khalvash distillate were purchased from vendors of Rasht. According to the obtained results, due to special chemicals and their high concentrations in the studied homemade samples, using of 1: 5 dilution ratio in the distillate water is necessary for test performance. Also, it was confirmed that methanol was present in all Khalvash samples like other herbal ones.