Comparative Evaluation of Growth, Yield and Quality Characteristics of Various Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii L.) Cultivars under Protected Condition


Directorate of Floriculture (T&R) Punjab, 21-Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan


Ten gerbera cultivars (‘Labinel’, ‘Lilla’, ‘Alp’, ‘Alberino’, ‘Bonnie’, ‘Avemaria’, ‘Mammut’, ‘Lexus’, ‘‘Terramixa ’ & ‘Sarolta’) were evaluated for their growth, yield and quality characteristics under protected conditions during 2011. Among the cultivars studied, there were highly significant variations observed for growth, yield and quality parameters. Longest stalk length (60.3 cm) was exhibited by the cultivar ‘Alberino’ followed by ‘Lexus’ (59.0) and ‘Mammut’ (54.0 cm). The same cultivar also produced flowers with maximum diameter. With respect to vegetative parameters like number of leaves per plant and plant spread were also more in the same cultivar. Maximum number of flowers 135 per square meters was recorded in cv. ‘Avemaria’ (135) followed by ‘Alberino’ (125). Maximum vase life was recorded in cultivars ‘Alberino’ and ‘Lexus’ (6.6) followed by ‘Mammut’ (5.6) and ‘‘Sarolta’’ (5.6). Excellent quality flowers were observed in cultivar ‘Alberino’ (4.8) followed by ‘Lexus’ (4.4). Cultivar ‘Alberino’ and ‘Lexus’ were found superior with respect to growth, yield and vase-life characteristics under protected conditions.