Growth, Yield and Quality of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) Cultivars under Lath House Conditions


Directorate of Floriculture (T&R) Punjab, 21-Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan


Five carnation cultivars (‘Grand Salam’, ‘Nelson’, ‘Kaly’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Tempo’) were evaluated with respect to growth, yield and quality characteristics under lath house conditions at Kala Shah Kaku Research Station, Directorate of Floriculture, Lahore during 2011. Among the cultivars studied, maximum plant height was recorded in carnation cultivar ‘Grand Salam’ (78.66 cm) closely followed by ‘Kaly’ (78.23 cm) and ‘Cinderella’ (77.96 cm). Number of shoots was highest in cultivars ‘Tempo’ (6.3) and ‘Nelson’ (6.2). Maximum stem thickness was observed in ‘Nelson’ (6.21 mm) and minimum in ‘Grand Salam’ (3.63 mm). Maximum number of internodes per stem were found in ‘Nelson’ (12.66) followed by ‘Kely’ (11.33) and ‘Grand Salam” (11.00). Highest flower yield per plant was recorded in cultivars ‘Tempo’ (6.4) and ‘Nelson’ (6.33). Maximum number of flowers per square meter were recorded in cultivar ‘Nelson’ (198.3) followed by ‘Tempo’ (189.6). Hence it can be concluded that cultivars ‘Nelson’ and ‘Tempo’ were found superior with respect to growth and flower yield characteristics under lath house conditions.