In Vitro Flower Bud Formation, Plant Regeneration and Morphogenetic Studies in Local Scented Cultivar of Rosa indica


Biotech Lab, University Department of Botany, B.R.A. Bihar University, Bihar-842001 (India)


In vitro propagation of rose (Rosa indica) as well as rose breeding is a valuable economic enterprise and has received highest importance globally including Indian subcontinent. The development of new cultivars for commerce is faced with new challenges. In vitro micropropagation protocols of varieties of roses have been established but very few reports on the clonal propagation of local cultivars of Indian scented rose has been made. In the present paper we report the dedifferentiation and redifferentiation of stem nodal, leaf disc, petals well as ovary explants cultured on MS medium supplemented with various growth adjuvants such as coconut water (CW 5%-20% v/v), auxins (IAA, NAA, 2, 4-D and IBA) and cytokinins (BAP and Kn) in varying concentrations. Vigorous callus formation was observed showing embryogenic clusters in both the nodal and leaf disc explants on MS medium supplemented with CW (10% v/v) +2, 4- D (11.3 mM) +BAP (3.55 mM). The proliferation of 4-7 multiple shoots (mean number of shoots 5±1.24) as well as in vitro flower bud formation on in vitro regenerated rose plants from nodal explants cultured on MS medium supplemented with CW+2, 4-D+BAP have been observed. The regenerated shoots treated with ‘Quic Root’ (commercially available rooting chemical) produced well developed root system.