1 Department of Horticulture, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran

2 Department of Soil Science, Savadkooh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mazandaran, Iran


In order to investigate the effect of growth media and nutrition method on the growth of Bellis perennis L. and nutrients uptake, a factorial experiment was conducted with two factors: growth media (municipal waste compost, Azolla compost, tea wastes compost) and nutrition method (without fertilizer, soil application, foliar spray) in comparison to the control medium (60% soil + 20% manure + 10% composted leaves + 10% sand) based on RCD with 45 treatment and three replications. Plant growth indices during growth and after plant arvest were measured. The total nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese were measured in the shoot of plant. The results showed that the height of plant increased in medium "control, municipal waste compost, Azolla" through foliar spray and soil application of fertilizer. The growth medium "control, municipal compost and Azolla" increased plant height, shoot dry weight and flower number and uptake of nitrogen, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium in plant shoot.


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