The Possibility Using the Composted Peanut Shells in the Growth of Marigold and Viola tricolor Plants


Agriculture Research, Education and Extension Organization: Ornamental plant research station of lahijan, Guilan, Iran


This research was conducted to evaluate the possibility using peanut shells compost as a suitable medium in cultivating ornamental plants. Effect of peanut shells composts on the growth of Viola tricolor and marigold was investigated during seven months. Peat + perlite (with a ratio of 2:1) used as control treatment and peat replaced by 25, 50, 75 and 100 % v/v of peanut shells compost. Plant growth indices, including height, stem, leaf fresh weights, stem and leaf dry weights were measured in marigold and Viola tricolor plants. Results showed that peanut shells compost had more effects on growth properties like height, stem and leaf dry weigh in comparison to control. The lowest growth was related to 100% peanut shells and control treatments. The most growth of Viola tricolor and marigold plants resulted respectively in 25% and 75% peanut shells compost, respectively. Results showed that increasing compost peanut shells as well as reducing the use of peat, can be effective on the growth of Viola tricolor and marigold plant.