Keeping Quality and Vase life of Carnation cv. ‘Eskimo’ as Influenced by Different Chemicals


1 Directorate of Floriculture (T&R) Punjab, 21-Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan

2 Institute of Horticultural Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

3 Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


Present experiment was carried out to check the effect of different concentrations of sucrose (2, 4, 6%), GA 3 (25, 50, 75 ppm) and combination of sucrose and CuSO4 (2% + 200, 4% + 300, 6% + 400 ppm), sucrose and GA 3 (2% + 25 ppm), (4%+50 ppm), (6%+75 ppm) on keeping quality and vase life of carnation cv. ‘Eskimo’. Some postharvest characteristics such as vase life, total soluble solids (TSS), water uptake and quality change were evaluated. The experiment was laid out according to RCD (Randomized Complete Design) with three replications while for quality change it was two factor factorial. Maximum vase life in term of days was recorded in treatment T6 and T13
(8 days) followed by T4 (7.7 days). T5 & T12 were at par (7 days). Maximum water uptake was also observed in T13 (56.7 ml) followed by T6 (49.7 ml) and T8 (45 ml). Maximum TSS were found in T13 (8.3 %) followed by T6 , T11 and T12 . Keeping quality characteristic of T6
was deteriorated slowly as compared to other treatments. Hence, T6 was found superior in overall respects.