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1. Study of Ethanol Presence in Some Ornamental and Aromatic Plants Using Gas Chromatography

Maryam Nasouri Gazani; Shahab Shariati; Ali Rafizadeh; Mohammad Naghi SafarzadehVishekaei

Volume 5, Issue 4 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 249-253

  Plants re-emit a substantial fraction of their assimilated carbon into the atmosphere as biogenic volatile organic compound. According to the presence of relatively high amount of methanol in herbal distillates, finding different concentrations of ethanol in such drinks is expectable, as several studies ...  Read More

2. The Effectiveness of Whole Concentration of Homemade Herbal Distillates on the Result of Qualitative Methanol Detection by the Chromotropic Acid Method

A. Rafizadeh; R. NasiriFard; M. Nasoori Gazni; M. Haghshanas; F. Jmali Bivarzani; L. PoorMohammad

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Winter 1392, , Pages 105-109

  The occurrence of blindness after drinking some herbaceous distillates is created some anxieties in Iran. In this study, the effectiveness of concentration of Khalvash distillate was studied on the function of the new modified suggested chromotropic acid method for qualitative detection of methanol. ...  Read More