Keywords = Rose
Number of Articles: 9
5. Growth, Yield and Quality of Rosa hybrida L. as Influenced by NaCl Salinity

Volume 3, Issue 3, Spring 1392, Pages 143-153

Iftikhar Ahmad; Muhammad Aslam Khan; Muhammad Qasim; Rashid Ahmad; Tauseef Us-samad

6. Assessment of Different Preservative Solutions on Vase Life of Cut Roses

Volume 3, Issue 3, Spring 1392, Pages 171-181

Bhawana Lama; Mitali Ghosal; Saran Kumar Gupta; Palash Mandal

8. Study on Some Chemical Compounds on the Vase Life of Two Cultivars of Cut Roses

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 1390, Pages 123-128

S. Mohammadi Ostad Kalayeh; Y. Mostofi; M. Basirat