1. Propagation of Ficus benjamina var. Starlight by Stenting Technique under Different Concentration of IBA in Various Time of Taking Cutting

Hamed Babaie; Hossein Zarei; Khodayar Hemmati

Volume 4, Issue 2 , Winter 1393, , Pages 75-79

  Ficus benjamina L. is indoor plant in temperate areas that is a tree species belongs to Moraceae family. Propagation of this plant is down by vegetative method. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of IBA concentration and time of taking cutting on propagation of Ficus benjamina via stenting ...  Read More

2. Effect of Media and Different Concentrations of IBA on Rooting of ‘Ficus benjamina L.’ Cutting

Maryam Shirzad; Shahram Sedaghathoor; Davood Hashemabadi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Autumn 1390, , Pages 61-64

  Ficus benjaminais a very popular and resistant indoor plant in temperate areas. Cutting is the easiest propagation method of this plant and it requires special treatments such as auxin and appropriate rooting medium. In order to test the suitable auxin (IBA) concentration and rooting media, a factorial ...  Read More